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Our Philosophy

Storytelling is more powerful than memorization. This method truly shines within the technical fields by creating an interest in the subject rather than force-feeding information. By learning what you love, you will love what you learn. Your student is not a vessel to be filled, but an all consuming fire. Don’t choke them out, but create an environment for them to thrive.

New Products! (5/29/24)

This summer, we are unveiling three new revolutionary graphic novels! They tell the story of the first Greek mathematician: Thales. Each book is based on ancient manuscripts!

The Book of Thales Part 1: Pharaoh’s Riddle: Spellbinding adventures lie in wait unbeknownst to our hero, Thales, who only wants to lead a simple life. Can Thales escape Pharaoh’s clutches? Must he accidentally change the world forever?

The Book of Thales Part 2: The Battle of the Eclipse: With his newfound knowledge, will Thales engineer staggering marvels of note, or plummet into perturbed pandemonium? Thales better beware the tenfold stumbling blocks life laid down on the path before him. Doom impends!

The Book of Thales Part 3: The Perfect Maxim: A Greece-wide competition blooms: Who are the wisest seven? Will Thales be among them? No. Thales will learn how foolish he really is. Perhaps his sagacity will grow to an amount handsome.

Meet Pythagoras as he gently guides you through the most intriguing ideas of Ancient Greece! The following adventures will give you a firm grasp on logical thinking in the midst of paradoxes, a comprehensive history of school, and how it all formed modern mathematics.

Classical Arithmetic with Pythagoras Book 1: The Philosophy of Numbers: Can you outthink Pythagoras? This book explores the Ancient Greeks’ fundamental beliefs of mathematical philosophy. Join Pythagoras on an epic quest to explain the subtleties of reality. What is real? What is wisdom? What is the composition of the cosmos?

Classical Arithmetic with Pythagoras Book 2: On the Infinite: Motion does not exist? This book deals with the complex history of mathematical infinity, bounding with ingenious proofs and paradoxes. Witness Zeno and others deduce the fabric of reality, while at the same time putting our most cherished fundamental beliefs into question. How old is the universe? What is nothing? What is the essence of everything?

I hope these books will help inspire a love of learning and mathematics for students and teachers alike! They are meant to be read out of enjoyment, while nonchalantly concealing the fact that high-level math and theoretical physics concepts are discussed deeply. Enjoy!

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